Visual Voicemail 2.0 + Busy Greeting

Visual Voicemail 2.0

Instantly browse and listen to your voicemail in the Divulge app without dialing into your voicemail system.

Busy Greeting

Customize voice and text replies to set when you aren't able to answer the phone.


Never listen to voicemail again
Get text transcriptions of your voicemails and view them in the app or in email. [Premium Feature]
Choose your Busy Greeting
Record your own, purchase your favorite personality's greeting, or select a pre-recorded Busy Greeting.
Set a text Busy Greeting
Customize text auto replies to respond to your text messages. (Optional feature found in Settings.)
Get free, pre-recorded Busy Greetings
Going to the gym, at a meeting, or on your way home from work? We've got you covered.
Let your favorite people be in the know
Select the people you want to hear your Busy Greeting and let the rest go straight to voicemail with Inner Circle.
Always have access to your VIPs
Make sure you get the calls from the important people in your life. People in your VIP list by pass your Busy Greeting.

Create a Custom Divulge Busy Greeting in 4 Easy Steps

Tap on the '+' to create a Busy Greeting.
Record your voice telling people why you can't get to the phone.
Add text, which will also be used as the SMS auto-text reply. You can also add a photo to help you find the greeting in your list the next time you need to use it. (*Android only)
Set the timer for the length of time you want the Busy Greeting to be on and tap on Start to activate.

Visual Voicemail 2.0 + Busy Greeting Video Overview